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The cost of our wedding video coverage for 2015 is 650.00 for weddings within a 35 miles return radius from our studio to Church and reception. Coverage is from home or Ceremony arrivals + 4 hours from the start of the Ceremony.
Please enquire for off-season weddings and  weekday wedding rates.
Our Booking Terms & Conditions are as follows:
A booking deposit of  200  is required payable at the time of booking.  
This deposit is non-returnable should you cancel your booking.
We require a further deposit of 200 payable 4 weeks before the Ceremony
The full amount of the cost of your video will be paid by whoever comes to pick up the video, and no videos will be released until the full balance has been paid
This includes any extras such as extra time costs incurred due to late finishing of speeches or extra time booked by the client to cover part or whole of the evening filming requirements @45 per hour or part thereof.
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I have read and accept for myself, and am authorised by all members of my party to accept the terms and conditions.   I am over 18.
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